Welcome to Insight on SDA – a virtual conference.

Advance Rehab Centre have been supporting people with neurological conditions and complex therapy needs since 2005. In 2017, we introduced a new arm of the business to support NDIS participants to apply for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) eligibility. We could see the opportunities SDA made available for many of our clients to have access to homes that would support them in their goals to be more independent and engaged would be life changing.

It has been very rewarding to be a part of these transformative changes that SDA enables. We have been a part of working with over 300 individuals and families over the last few years to explore and improve their housing solutions. Some of our clients are in the process of becoming participant providers, some are already living in their new homes and developing their independence.

At this stage of the SDA market development, we felt it was time to get the SDA community together and demonstrate to the NDIS participants and their families what is currently being achieved and possible – and future opportunities. What better than an online forum where we can share and learn with other Australians.

We are pleased to be able to bring the most up to date information in collaboration with our guest speakers who will explore everything from NDIA process to future planning for families. We hope to address as many of your questions as we can, provide some answers and hope that you finish the conference with insight into all things SDA.

We would like to acknowledge our sponsors BLUE CHP limited who have already built 70 SDA homes across Australia.

Moving homes is a huge task and numerous parties are involved when a person is moving to an SDA home. We have been very lucky to have worked with some trailblazing SDA providers who are forging a path forward and creating not only homes that maximally improve function but that are aesthetic and modern and welcoming. Some of those SDA providers will be exhibiting in the exhibitors lounge today with their current and future offerings. They will be pleased to hear what you want and need in a home.

SDA Insight Sponsor

BlueCHP is Australia’s largest developer of Specialist Disability Accommodation under the NDIS. We are a regulated Tier 1 Community Housing Provider in NSW and QLD, have NDIS registration and operate as a not-for-profit. To help people with disabilities find SDA housing, BlueCHP has created a new initiative called Guide You Home, which will help people plan, build, and move into SDA housing. Because our bread and butter is property development, this will be a very practical initiative, intended to customise homes for each SDA recipient.

Since 2008 we have delivered more than 1700 affordable homes, retaining about 800 for people on low or moderate incomes. Recently, we were selected by the NSW Government to deliver the Hunter Residence Program, which will see almost 350 people with disabilities move into newly built homes in the community and we are currently raising money to develop more homes for NDIS recipients. Our ambition is to deliver homes for 1600 people over the next 5 years.



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